Tiki Art

Introducing the real American Idol -- Tiki! At the dawn of the 21st century, the world is at odds with its primitive past and its sophisticated cultural future. Herein lie the signposts to the next major art movement. Enter Tiki, the coming of the new art god. Based on its longstanding history and mass appeal, Tiki Style can now be recognized as an American Folk Art movement.

Style is a recognized part of American Folk Art with a longstanding history and mass appeal. Here are some of today's most exciting American Tiki artists and international artists working in the Tiki Style, including: Shag, Marco Almera, Bosko, Sunny Buick, Dave Burke, Kalynn Campbell, Dirty Donny, Crazy Al Evans, Richie Fahey, Rod Filbrandt, Mary Fleener, Bruce Gossett, Christine Karas, Joe Leonard, Sharon Leong, Mr. Lucky, Munktiki, Mitch O'Connell, Lisa Petrucci, The Pizz, Isabel Samaras, Von Franco, and more.